Following injuries, surgery or other medical conditions, your physician might recommend or prescribe a brace for your recovery. These offer support to your bones and muscles during the healing process and are ideal for rehabilitation or physical therapy needs and they can also provide preventative support.

Their benefits include:

  • They immobilize bones and muscles to keep them properly aligned
  • They reduce the likelihood of re-injury
  • They reduce or alleviate pain

Brace Yourself
There’s a brace that is specially designed for nearly every part of the body from back, neck to ankle. You will find exactly what you need at Pro-Air Medical Supply & Equipment. We carry braces for all these applications and more:

For the Back
Post-surgery, braces immobilize and protect the back. Compression helps with pain management. They can also improve posture and protect the back, especially when lifting, preventing injury.

For the Ankle
Joints are especially susceptible to athletic injuries. These braces support the ankle while still allowing a range of motion.

For the Knee
With different types available depending on your knee problem, follow your doctor’s advice. We’ll help you find and fit the brace you need.

For the Wrist 
If you suffer from carpal tunnel or arthritis pain, support for the wrist can provide relief.

Compression Socks
Compression reduces swelling, making these socks ideal for treating swollen legs or edema following surgery or for varicose veins.

Getting the Support You Need
Pro-Air Medical Supply & Equipment offers a complete catalog of braces, allowing you to find the right match for your needs. Let our staff help you get fitted with the right support you need.


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