Hospital Beds

Comfortable hospital beds for patients
We want to make being at the hospital, or staying in your home, as comfortable as possible. And since patients spend so much time in their beds, buying quality hospital beds is important in achieving this goal.

We offer a variety of hospital beds: 

·      Homecare beds 

·      Long-term care beds 

·      Bariatric beds 

·      Bed rails 

·      Accessories 

Homecare beds
Multi-height. Semi-electric. Ultra light. Heavy duty. 

Long-term care beds
Sturdy. Quiet. Smooth operation. Heavy duty steel frame. Many have locking casters and optional bed rails. These beds are stable. Bed height is adjustable with head and foot sections able to be controlled separately. Electric beds are UL listed.

Bariatric beds
Heavy duty, quiet, and holding up to 1,000 pounds, our beds are constructed out of steel. An emergency manual crank is included.

Bed rails
Whether you want a bed rail that covers half of the bed or the whole length, or a T-frame or telescoping side rail, we have it. Our bed rails that extend the half way length of the bed are designed to comply with the FDA Hospital Bed System Dimensional and Assessment Guidance to Reduce Entrapment. 


Our accessories include:  

·      E-Z assist pole 

·      Full-length bed rail 

·      ¼-length bed rail, universal 

·      ¼-length bed rail, head section 

·      Dense fiber mattress 

·      Trapeze 

·      Bariatric foam mattress 

·      Wall bumper 

·      Foam side rail bumper pads 

·      Innerspring mattress 

·      Cellulose fiber mattresses 

·      Mattress covers 

·      Tri-fold bedside fall mat 

·      Pressure redistribution mattress 

·      Bed transporter 

·      Bed extension kit 

·      Fitted sheets 

·      Hand controls for electric bed connector, pendant, and cord 

·      LTC bed panels 

·      Emergency crank 

·      Fitted sheets, extended 

·      Bed Caddy 

Featured brand: 

·      DeVilbiss Healthcare



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