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Support Surfaces
If you have ever been on extended bed rest, you know how important it is to ensure that your mattress provides you with proper support and comfort. More than ever before, there are a variety of options in support surfaces designed to address every need. The two most common needs include relief for pressure points to alleviate bed sores and the dissipation of heat. 

A Variety of Options
Finding the proper option depends upon a number of factors. It is wise to discuss these options with your physician, physical therapist, and other healthcare providers before selecting a support surface. 

Low Air Loss Mattress
This system incorporates tiny holes throughout the mattress and uses a blower system to blow air into the mattress. The tiny holes allow the air to escape slowly. This creates an alternating pressure surface, which keeps the patient cool and dry.

Gel Overlay
Gel overlays help alleviate pressure points and also have a cooling effect.

Standard Foam
Foam mattresses or overlays are available in a variety of thicknesses, allowing you to find the best level of support and softness.

Spring Mattress
Spring mattresses are a cost-effective option. Unlike foam mattresses, spring mattresses are ventilated and don’t generate heat. Overlays can be used to address pressure point issues.

Standard mattresses aren’t designed specifically for overweight individuals so they tend to sag. Bariatric mattresses and overlays provide the additional support needed for bariatric patients. Levels of support are based upon a person’s weight, so make sure you select a mattress accordingly.

Alternating Pressure Pad
These pads are made up of individual air tubes. And air pump inflates and deflates on a pre-determined schedule. This action helps to enhance blood flow.
In addition, to support surfaces, patients who are confined to bed need assistance to transfer from the bed to a chair or to a commode. Improper lifting can be harmful to both the patient and the caregiver. When considering the proper support surface, you should also consider whether you need a Hoyer Lift.

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