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Pro-Air Medical Supply & Equipment offers a complete in-home ventilation program, providing patients throughout mid-Michigan with state-of-the-art technology and advanced ongoing vent management. Trust in Pro-Air for all of your in-home ventilator needs.

  • Why choose Pro-Air for your in-home ventilator needs?
  • 24-hour a day access to highly trained clinicians.
  • A Clinician will perform a home inspection for placement of ventilators to ensure that all electrical and structural requirements are met.
  • A Clinician will provide extensive training, detailing ventilator usage and maintenance.
  • A Clinician will confirm that appointed caregivers demonstrate adequate knowledge on equipment and patient care.

Our Clinicians perform compliance monitoring on all ventilators we supply.

Continuous education for patients, family members, and caregivers provided.

Lightweight, compact ventilators with improved battery life facilitate ease of travel and enhance the quality of life.

Sufficient and timely delivery of monthly ventilator supplies.

Here to Support Your Needs

Pro-Air Medical Supply & Equipment offers comprehensive in-home ventilator services. Our experienced Clinicians are here to help you choose the ideal ventilator settings for your needs, get you set up in your home, train you and applicable caregivers on machine usage, and monitor ongoing needs. 


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