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Wheelchair Innovation
Wheelchairs have come a long way over the centuries. Innovation has decreased the weight and made wheelchairs more reliable. While once made only for the indoors, folding wheelchairs were another breakthrough. Sports also spurred a lot of developments.  

Now if you need a wheelchair, there are a lot of options that allow you to travel where you want and participate in the activities that are important to you. 

What types of wheel chairs do we offer? 

  • Standard wheelchair
  • Bariatric wheelchair
  • Standard foot rest
  • Elevating foot rest
  • Wheelchair cushion
  • Tension adjustable back

Standard wheelchair
A classic model that gets you where you need to go!

Bariatric wheelchair
A durable, heavy-duty model that can hold up to 700 pounds. 

Standard foot rest
Step into comfort. 

Elevating foot rest
It’s time to put your feet up. 

Wheel chair cushion
Make it a comfortable ride with a wheelchair cushion. 

Tension adjustable back
Offering lumber support, a tension adjustable back is an easy way to make your wheelchair more comfortable. A thick, high-density foam pad provides pressure distribution and the adjustable tension tailors the back of the chair to you. The cushion comes in two sizes to accommodate your wheelchair. The cushion fits onto the wheelchair’s canes to provide strength and stability. 

We also offer accessories, including:

  • Seat belts
  • Anti tippers
  • Telescoping IV pole attachment
  • Universal oxygen “E” cylinder holder
  • Cane/crutch holder
  • Overhead anti-theft device, single pole
  • Anti-fold bar
  • Limb support
  • Heel loops
  • Wheel lock extensions
  • Chart carry pocket
  • Universal forward stabilizer

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